4 giugno 2018

Sustainability, a Hera conference in Bologna to rethink development

The part, never more than now, is for the whole. That is not the definition of a rhetorical figure, but the meaning that public and private stakeholders must give to their work, to write it on the future of our Planet, whose balance depends on the action of all of us. The circular economy itself […]

18 aprile 2018

Hera now part of the Leading Utilities of the World

The Hera Group has now become part of the Leading Utilities of the World (LUOW), a network that brings together the planet’s most innovative and successful companies in the water and wastewater sector and aims at promoting shared knowledge, projects and new objectives, in addition to favouring collaboration. Hera is Italy’s first operator to obtain […]

7 marzo 2018

Hera Group: green light for the merger between Marche Multiservizi and Megas.net

The project for an incorporation of Megas.Net and Marche Multiservizi (MMS), the largest multi-utility in the Marche region and part of the Hera Group (which currently holds 49.59% of MMS), has now become reality. The two companies’ Shareholders Meetings approved, in an extraordinary session, the project for a merger by incorporation of Megas.Net into Marche […]

22 febbraio 2018

Top Utility 2018, Hera confirms its place at the top of Italy’s sustainability rankings

Achieving excellence in any field or industry is no easy feat, doing so year after year even less so. Yet this is exactly what the Hera Group has succeeded in doing at the sixth edition of Top Utility Analysis, which declared the Bologna-based Group to be Italy’s most eco-sustainable public service company out of 100 […]

30 gennaio 2018

Hera responds to the UN’s call and endorses the CEO Water Mandate

The Hera Group now endorses the CEO Water Mandate, the United Nations Global Compact initiative promoted to re-launch the commitment shown by companies to a sustainable management of water resources. Active for years in all areas in which the CEO Water Mandate supports interventions, Hera is the second Italian company to endorse it, after Enel, […]

29 gennaio 2018

With Scart, waste becomes art also in Bologna

After Ravenna, Imola, Modena, Udine and Pisa, the travelling exhibition of Hera Group comes to the city tomorrow, to coincide with Arte Fiera. Until 18 February, works made out of waste by young artists can be viewed free of charge at Palazzo Pepoli Campogrande. On Saturday at 6 pm, a performance by Angela Nocentini.

24 ottobre 2017

A new Cogeneration plant in Bologna

The district heating plant Cogen was born on the site of an existing plant since the ’90s. It can bring electricity and hot water to 8,000 homes and is ready for new connections. The Hera Group’s investment for the upgrading of the plant, over € 17 million, allows to reduce CO₂ emissions in the environment […]

11 ottobre 2017

Hera among the world’s circular economy leaders: welcomed to the Ellen MacArthur Foundation’s CE100 programme

The Hera Group has become a member of the Ellen MacArthur Foundation’s Circular Economy 100 (CE100) international programme, which brings together corporates, governments and cities, academic institutions, emerging innovators and affiliates in a unique multi-stakeholder platform. The multi-utility is the second Italian company to have completed the requirements for being included in the programme.

6 giugno 2017

Creativity and innovation: the Italian way to a circular economy

Hera organises and promotes an event focusing on the theme of the circular economy that opens a week of initiatives related to the work of the G7 Environment Ministers Meeting, held in Bologna from 5 to 12 June.

28 marzo 2017

Sant’Agata Bolognese biomethane plant

A virtuous circuit that starts from the families and returns to the citizens, will be possible thanks to the new plant that Hera has started to build in S. Agata Bolognese and that will be completed by 2018. An investment of 30 million euros will allow production every year, at full capacity, of 20,000 tonnes […]

11 gennaio 2017

The acquisition begins of Aliplast (Treviso), leader in the recycling of plastics

Agreement signed between Herambiente and Aligroup S.r.l. for the takeover of Aliplast (40% in 2017, 40% by March 2018, 20% by June 2022), Italy’s leading firm in the collection, recycling and subsequent regeneration of waste plastic. The firm has an integrated process that transforms waste into products ready for re-use. Between December 2017 and January […]

10 novembre 2016

The birth of HERAtech, the “technological heart” of Hera services

HERAtech (100% Hera Spa) handles customer-requested work such as connections, technical advice and new developments for all Hera-managed network services. It also designs and sets up plants and networks, remote control systems, technical call centres and water/waste analysis facilities.

6 ottobre 2016

Hera Comm acquires Gran Sasso Srl, L’Aquila

Acquisition of 100% of the capital stock of Gran Sasso, a company operating in the gas and energy purchasing/selling sector.

18 luglio 2016

The Acquologo: everything water within the reach of an app

After the success of the Rifiutologo (Waste Expert), Hera has launched a simple, useful and free app that contains comprehensive information about the local water service available to the residents of the communities it serves. With the Acquologo (Water Expert), you can now read your own water meter, receive notifications about service interruptions for scheduled […]

1 luglio 2016

INRETE: launch of the new gas and electricity distribution company

INRETE Distribuzione Energia, a company established by Hera to manage natural gas and electricity distribution activities in line with the functional and accounting unbundling obligations laid down in the Authority for Electricity, Gas and Water (AEEGSI) regulation for businesses in the sector, begins operating on 1 July 2016.

10 giugno 2016

HergoAmbiente wins the Smau Innovation award

Hera’s commitment to new technologies is recognised at Smau Bologna 2016. Indeed, the HergoAmbiente project won the Smau R2B Innovation Award, which recognises the most cutting edge solutions that are making public services increasingly smart in order to improve quality of life for residents. HergoAmbiente is a “smart” and unique operating information system in the […]

8 aprile 2016

Julia Servizi Più of Teramo joins the Hera Group

In April 2016, the gas and electricity sales company that works in the municipality and province of Teramo joins the companies acquired by the HERA Group. This transaction enables the multiutility company to further increase its presence in the free market of gas and electricity and represents an important step on its path of development […]

23 febbraio 2016

For Potential Park, Hera’s web-site receives the most hits from young people seeking work

This year once again, the research company Potential Park ranked Hera Group among the top ten companies in Italy chosen by recent graduates looking for their first job using the internet. Hera Group improved on its 2015 ranking: this year, the “careers” category was ranked in first place, thanks to the “Working at Hera Group” […]

19 febbraio 2016

Well of Science and The Great Engine of the World the commitment to schools

The HERA Group’s educational offerings are the concrete expression of the faith and hope that the multiutility company places in schools, teachers and families as the first to instil a civil and environmental conscience in young people, whose choices and actions will shape the future. From “A Well of Science”, which turns 10 years old […]

1 dicembre 2015

Waste Recycling (Pisa) and Geo Nova (Treviso) join the HERA Group

In 2015, the HERA Group acquires Waste Recycling, a company from Pisa that has worked in the industrial waste sector for 20 years, and several waste management business units of Geo Nova, a company from Treviso that works in waste treatment, recovery and disposal in some areas of North-eastern Italy.

1 dicembre 2015

Aquisition of Alento Gas, Chieti

In 2015, the HERA Group acquired Alento Gas, a gas sales company from Abruzzo. As a result, the HERA Group further extends its corporate scope and aims to increase its competitiveness by covering the various customer segments in a more structured manner.

5 ottobre 2015

The Trieste Purification Plant project begins

The upgrading of the Servola purification plant in Trieste is presented, based on the example of the Santa Giustina plant in Rimini. Indeed, the Rimini provincial capital has been the subject of the largest sewerage system upgrade project in Italy, which will serve as a model for the Northeast. The proof of a great commitment […]

30 settembre 2015

HergoAmbiente, the “smart” way to waste management services

After years of research and considerable investments in innovation, Hera presents HergoAmbiente, a “smart” system that is unique both nationally and internationally due to its integrated management of waste collection and street cleaning, which covers 2.6 million residents. Technology and innovation to guarantee high-quality, effective and efficient waste management services and to improve the cleanliness […]

23 giugno 2015

Hera Group’s biggest purification plant

The new (upgraded) purification plant of Santa Giustina, Rimini, is opened. It is the biggest in Europe with membrane technology ultrafiltration. It is the most important technological operation in the sewage system redevelopment plan for the coastal city promoted by the Municipality, Hera, Romagna Acque and Amir, which will eliminate discharges into the sea by […]

14 aprile 2015

Hera receives M&A Award 2015

The Group receives recognition from KPMG and Fineurop Soditic in the eleventh edition of its awards for the integration with Amga. The awards aim to spread the culture of Mergers and Acquisitions as a management lever to enable companies to grow and to enter new markets.

1 gennaio 2015

Hera Servizi Energia is born: a new company for energy efficiency

Hera Servizi Energia is the HERA Group company sets out to be the benchmark for energy efficiency services. Its activities are focused on improving environmental conditions by decreasing polluting emissions and achieving financial savings. Hera Servizi Energia was founded in 2015 from the merger between Sinergia and Hera Energie, it is controlled by Heracomm and […]

1 luglio 2014

AcegasApsAmga is established in the Northeast

AcegasApsAmga is created on 1 July 2014 with offices in Padua, Trieste and Udine and joins the Hera Group.

26 giugno 2014

Hera issues first Italian green bond

The multiutility launches a 10-year bond issue intended to finance, or refinance, sustainability-related projects in four areas: combating climate change, reducing emissions, water purification quality and the waste cycle.

23 aprile 2014

Amga Udine joins the Hera Group

The BoD approves the merger that results in the incorporation of Amga into Hera. The merger sees the transfer of Amga’s gas distribution activities into AcegasAps and the energy sales and heat management activities into Hera Comm.

28 marzo 2014

Hera Group’s biggest waste sorting plant at Granarolo, Bologna

    Inaugurated in Granarolo, the plant is the result of an investment of € 11 million made in this dry waste sorting platform, processing 100,000 tonnes of waste per year. The plant will process separated waste from Bologna, which is set for rapid growth. The plant has the only technological equipment of its kind in Italy, […]

    26 marzo 2014

    Herambiente Servizi Industriali: a waste management and environmental services company for Italian businesses

    Combining the experience of AcegasAps and the Hera Group, a new company is created to serve as a one-stop-shop for Italian companies, offering comprehensive industrial waste management services.

    7 marzo 2014

    Hera Group’s environmental services become involved with reuse, with Cambia il Finale or “Change the Ending”

    To promote the circular economy, Hera launches a project for the reuse of bulky but still usable waste in good condition, to prevent the production of waste and to start a virtuous circle, in collaboration with 15 non-profit organizations in the area.

    26 febbraio 2014

    Hera is best Italian utility in communications

    The firm Top Utility, which analyses the performance of Italy’s largest public service operators, gives the Group first place in its ranking.

    21 febbraio 2014

    Hera is one of the top Italian companies to work for

    The Group takes second place in the Top Employers ranking, and is one of the best Italian companies in terms of innovative HR management.

    17 gennaio 2014

    Hera named best urban sanitation company by Federambiente and Legambiente

    The multiutility is recognised for good practices in the prevention of waste production. In total, 77 initiatives implemented by public bodies, businesses, schools and associations were submitted for appraisal.

    17 gennaio 2014

    New Hera website: simple and easy to navigate

    Content-rich and easy to navigate. The Group’s web portal has been completely overhauled to offer an enjoyable PC, tablet and smartphone experience.

    26 novembre 2013

    Inauguration of Voltana biodigestor plant, Ravenna

      The plant enables maximum recovery of waste separated from the organic fraction through the production, without combustion, of high-quality compost and renewable electricity of up to 8,000 Mwh/year.

      21 maggio 2013

      Hera Lab: a new tool for listening to and talking with citizens

      HeraLab, Hera’s new project for involving local stakeholders, is inaugurated in Bologna. This is a local consulting body whose purpose is to devise initiatives each year and to improve the sustainability of the service provided by Hera.

      1 gennaio 2013

      Acegas-Aps became part of the Hera Group

      On 25 July 2012 the merger with Acegas-Aps S.p.A. (Padua-Trieste) was approved, with the company becoming part of the Hera Group on 1 January 2013.

      7 maggio 2012

      Hera still a world leader in financial communications

      On 1 May 2012, IR Global Ranking awarded Hera the international prize for the Best Ranked IR Websites in Europe. Hera’s website was recognised as one of the five best European sites for investor relations.

      20 aprile 2012

      Disidrat: bringing waste back to life

        Opening of the Ravenna sludge treatment plant – one of the most important plants in Europe. The material being recovered through the new plant will double, thus decreasing the amount of waste put into landfill.

        15 dicembre 2011

        HerAcademy: the Corporate University of Hera Group

        HerAcademy was opened on 15 December 2011 following a period of research that further confirmed the high qualitative and quantitative standards of the training provided by the Group.

        13 ottobre 2011

        ‘Rifiutologo’ app now on iPhone and iPad

        Hera’s app turns your smartphone or iPad into a personal waste separation and recycling assistant. ‘Rifiutologo’ is available free of charge through the Apple Store.

        16 settembre 2011

        The era of electric mobility begins

        The leading European project in terms of scope and cooperation.

        11 gennaio 2011

        Herambiente and Caviro: a partnership for producing renewable energy from biomass

        The Hera Group subsidiary and the leading wine production company, Caviro, sign a commercial agreement for delivering grass clippings and prunings from the area and other organic matter to Caviro’s biomass plant in Faenza. A saving of around 35,488 tonnes of CO2 per year is anticipated.

        4 ottobre 2010

        Lundquist CSR Online Awards Italy: Hera tops ranking in 2010, followed by Eni and Fiat

        Lundquist CSR Online Awards “Italy” 2010 classification is published in collaboration with the daily newspaper Il Sole 24 Ore. The results show that Bologna-based utility Hera, entering the research for the first time, has jumped straight to the top place with 77 points out of 100, beating last year’s winner Eni into second (75.5). Fiat […]

        23 novembre 2009


        Hera takes silver! The company comes second in the rankings that rate the best Italian corporate communications websites, preceded only by Eni and followed by Pirelli.

        12 ottobre 2009

        25% acquisition of AIMAG, Modena and Mantova

        Hera Group wins the tender to acquire a 25% stake in AIMAG, a multi-utility operating in the Modena and Mantova provinces (Emilia Romagna and Lombardy regions respectively).

        28 settembre 2009

        Inauguration of new cogeneration plant in Imola

        In 2009 work finishes on an 80 MWe cogeneration plant in Imola (Bologna), completing the latest construction project in Italy. This is an ultra-modern power station in both technical and architectural terms, located in the urban area.

        1 luglio 2009

        Waste division spin off in Herambiente, Italian waste treatment leader

        The new company will incorporate the Group disposal activities including plants for the treatment, recycling and disposal of municipal and industrial waste, the sales branches and the shareholdings in companies in the sector.

        24 marzo 2009

        Hera Group’s new system of laboratories

        A new unified system of laboratories is set up in Forlì to serve the Hera Group. It carries out accurate and constant monitoring that goes beyond the most demanding legislative requirements in terms of both the quantity and the quality of the results relating to health and the environment. It is one of the most […]

        19 dicembre 2008

        Start up of new waste to energy plant in Modena

        Start up of new waste to energy plant in Modena.

        25 settembre 2008

        HER@ ON-LINE launches

        New interactive services for customers who, by using the online service counter, can manage their relationship with Hera quickly and easily at any time of the day.

        8 maggio 2008

        Inauguration of Network and Plant Remote Control Centre in Forlì

        An approximately 400 square metre room, a giant 60 square metre screen and 100 points controlled remotely in real time, a 3D system to represent the main facilities, monitors, work stations, operators, a call centre that operates 24/7, double fibre optic communication lines and an independent fire prevention system that operates with a special gas: […]

        28 novembre 2007

        Hera wins the financial statement Oscar

        Hera wins the Oscar di Bilancio (financial statements Oscar) for 2007: the prize which is organised and awarded by Ferpi, Federazione Relazioni Pubbliche Italiana, under the auspices of the President of the Republic of Italy, rewards those companies that have distinguished themselves for the transparency, timeliness and quality of their information and has been awarded […]

        27 settembre 2007

        The reinvention of the customer help desk

        The service counter of Bologna marks the introduction of a new more welcoming kind of counter, more suited to customers’ needs. The project to refresh the image of service counters is the work of the architect Michele De Lucchi. At the same time, multi-service bill graphics are also updated.

        23 luglio 2007

        Hera participates in the merger of Aspes and Megas in the Pesaro area

        The transaction will result in a new company, Marche Multiservizi, which will be the second largest operator in the region, with sales in 2006 of over 110 million Euros and an EBITDA of over 15 million Euros, of which the Hera Group will hold 41.8%. As part of the transaction, in July 2008 Hera will […]

        26 giugno 2007

        Hera Comm Marche is established

        Following the merger agreement between Megas of Urbino and Aspes Mutiservizi of Pesaro, a new company, Marche Multiservizi will be formed, of which the Hera Group will hold 41.8% and Megas Trade, which currently sells gas and electricity in the Urbino area, will be sold to Hera.

        24 maggio 2007

        Presentation of Sustainability Report 2006

        From 2007, the sustainability report is approved by the Board of Directors of Hera Spa when the financial statements are approved and is submitted to the Shareholders’ Meeting; this testifies to the role that this instrument has within the company’s planning and control system.

        19 ottobre 2006

        The acquisition of 46.5% of SAT (Modena) is concluded and the merger is approved in July 2007

        The purchase deed was signed for the acquisition of 46.5% of SAT Spa for a consideration of 34 million Euros, following the award of the deal in the first half of 2006. The remaining portion of 53.5% of the share capital is held by the municipalities of Sassuolo, Formigine, Maranello, Fiorano and Serramazzoni.

        27 luglio 2006

        Hera’s equity investment in Aspes Multiservizi rises to 49.79%

        The purchase by the Hera Group of 2,512,488 shares of Aspes Multiservizi, the company that handles water, energy and environmental services in the Pesaro area, is concluded. The transaction is an important step in the consolidation of relations with public sector partners in the Pesaro area and the further development of the company. Aspes Multiservizi […]

        29 giugno 2006

        A deed for the merger by incorporation of Geat Distribuzione Gas has been concluded

        The deed for the merger by incorporation of Geat Distribuzione Gas S.p.A., the company that distributes gas in the Riccione area, into Hera S.p.A. is concluded with the statutory effects thereof commencing as from 1 July 2006. The Geat Distribuzione Gas transaction represents a significant milestone that allows for the creation, together with the equity […]

        27 gennaio 2006

        Double positive rating for Hera – Hera: success for the 500 million Euro ten year Euro bond

        Moody’s, a leading international agency, for the first time assigns Hera a rating of A1, with a stable outlook. This rating reflects the financial solidity of the Group and assumes even greater value in view of the upcoming issuing of a bond on international markets.

        26 ottobre 2005

        Hera enters the bond market

        The B.o.D. of Hera S.p.A. resolves to begin the procedure for issuing a bond on the international market with a value between 400 and 500 million Euros, aimed at funding the Group’s development processes which have already been announced, including the integration of the Modena company. JP Morgan, Citibank and Banca IMI will be book […]

        23 settembre 2005

        Approval of the Hera-Meta merger by the respective extraordinary shareholders’ meetings

        After the merger, the Hera Group becomes the second largest operator in the sector, with sales of approximately 1.8 billion Euros.

        14 dicembre 2004

        Merger into Agea S.p.A. (Ferrara) and Acosea S.p.A. is concluded

        After the acquisition of 42% of Agea s.p.a., in October 2003 the public deed for the merger of Ferrara based company into Hera S.p.A. and the total spin-off at the same time of Acosea S.p.A. in favour of Hera S.p.A. are finalised.

        6 luglio 2004

        Acquisition of the Centro Ecologico di Ravenna

        With a bid of Euro 48.9 million Hera spa (HRA.MI) wins the tender process for the acquisition from Ambiente S.p.A., a Eni Group company, of the Ravenna Recycling Centre, one of the largest industrial centres in Italy for the disposal of special waste.

        26 giugno 2003

        Listing on the stock exchange

        The listing on the stock exchange takes place in June 2003, with a floatation equal to 44.5% of its capital.

        1 novembre 2002

        Hera S.p.A is founded

        Hera is established on November 1st 2002, as a result of the merger of 11 multiutility companies operating in adjacent areas in Northern Italy. The objective is to improve the quality of services to citizens in basic areas such as energy, water and environmental services, taking advantage of the significant synergies and efficiency levels made […]